An artist project hand coded with PHP, JQuery and HTML5. When launched, it cycles at high speed through a range of randomly chosen full-browser images of road journeys. This can be stopped at any time and the final image made available to buy as a one-off print. A sound element flicks through random-length snippets of radio programs using a SoundCloud playlist. A PayPal shopping cart has been integrated to handle payments with custom confirmation emails sent to customers and the artist.
This artist project has two elements: a minimal blog built on Wordpress using infinite scrolling to look back through posts – also showing the shipping forecast aggregated from JavaScript on the UK Met Office's website – and a map application developed with open-source GIS tools and displayed as tiles using OpenLayers with animated markers and interactive windows.
A pared-down blog built on Wordpress with HTML5 and JQuery. It features an icon that changes with the weather and a fully responsive layout that resizes images, video and sound player elements to fit the device screen.
This is an artist portfolio site built on ModX with an understated, flexible layout to display photography work and embed online projects and Vimeo videos. The homepage features a full-browser slideshow as a background. On the contact page, a Google Maps element that has been stripped back and modified with interactive windows that behave like a text-adventure game.
A restrained portfolio site for the London-based fashion stylist Jason Hughes to showcase his editorial work and catwalk photographs. The website is built on ModX and can be easily adapted by the client to show different kinds of material.
A clean artist's portfolio site for the London and Bristol-based artist Alessandra Sormani. The site is device responsive and designed to show video, photography and conceptual projects. It also includes a blog which the artist can update in the Wordpress backend.
Matthew Griffin is a photographer based in Berlin. He requested a minimal portfolio site built on Joomla!. The site is mostly on a single page with links to scroll down or up to different sections. The website was made to accompany an exhibition catalog, which I also designed.
A portfolio site for the London interior designer Dean Keyworth. The site was designed to reflect the firm's very strong visual identity. The responsive layout expands to look good on both large screens and mobile devices. The Lightbox used allows images to be swiped through on touchscreen.
Portfolio site for an architecture office in Berlin. An expanding title is fixed to the top of the window with content scrolling behind it. The site is built in sections that showcase buildings, research and activism initiatives. The buildings section uses JavaScript to show on the menu where on the page you have scrolled to.
This is a responsive site based on Joomla! for a current architecture development in Berlin. It has a bilingual section which publicizes the project, as well as a private area for logged-in users, allowing people involved in the scheme's design and development to access forums and information.
This architecture blog was designed to fit within the design office's family of websites. The partly transparent header was adapted from the architects' graphic work based on the map of Berlin. The blog was built on Joomla! and can be switched between English and German versions.
A very clean site made as a simple inventory of innovative architecture-related projects and organizations in Berlin. It is divided into different sections which link to websites of magazines, exhibition spaces, charitable foundations and resources for architects.

All sites were made in collaboration with the client. / Websites werden in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Auftraggeber erstellt.